A New Disciple, A New Battle


Kanji' 新たなる師弟、新たなる闘い
Air date October 29, 2011
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"A New Disciple, A New Battle" is thirty-first episode of the Queen's Blade anime and the first prologue of the Queen's Blade: Rebellion season.


Claudette is announced as the new Queen, and brings prosperity to land. However, in the outskirts of the land, the nobility were subjugated and persecuted by the Queen's army. In a distant land, Elina stands at the forefront of the Queen's Army, assaulting the Kreutz Castle. Lord Alphonse, the heir to the Kreutz crown, barely escapes with his life as the fire from the besieged castle breaks off a large tower, nearly crushing him and killing his comrades. A short while later, Alleyne stands on a high rock, remembering her former apprentice, Nowa. She then hears a disturbance in the forest and finds out that Alphonse was being chased by the Assassins of the Fang, who Elina sent after him.

The next day, Alphonse awakes in Alleyne's tree home. Alphonse attempts to go out on his own again, but almost falls off a cliff, but is saved by Alleyne. As Alphonse trains in a clearing to regain his strength, Alleyne notes his fighting caliber, which she remarks being low. To uphold his honor, Alphonse challenges Alleyne to a duel. The duel ends quickly, and because of it Alleyne finds out that Alphonse is actually Annelotte Kreutz, who then asks Alleyne to train her to become a better warrior.

Alleyne sets up various training regimens throughout the forest, to test her concentration, balance and endurance. Later, at Alleyne's tree home, Alleyne reveals that she is the last elf from her village, as the Swamp Witch's minions destroyed the village and the Swamp Witch placed a curse on her, which does not let her leave the forest. Meanwhile, Annelotte quickly excels at her training, and soon Alleyne duels her once more to measure her strength. As they fight, lightning strikes Alleyne's home, destroying the tree in the process. A large part of the tree begins to fall upon them. Annelotte then instinctively calls upon Ambrosius, her horse, and her sword transforms into a powerful lance, with which she then pierces the tree. Annelotte then says her goodbyes, and continues on her journey.

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