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A Saint's Agony: The Door of Faith Reopens

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Kanji' 聖女の煩悶 〜信仰の扉は、また開く〜
Air date January 28, 2012
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"A Saint's Agony: The Door of Faith Reopens" is the thirty-second episode and is the second and last prologue of the Queen's Blade: Rebellion season.


Sigui is preparing to eat her meal in a tavern when she overhears three women insulting God. She then confronts them, resulting in the women getting angry at her for disturbing them. Sigui then attempts to perform a Holy Pose, but loses her balance and falls on the stairs. One of the women then proceeds to attack Sigui, but is stopped by Ymir, who they respect more because of her involvement in the previous Queen's Blade tournament. Sigui and Ymir then begin to chat, and they both realize that they are heading to Gainos, and proceed to travel together. On the way, they notice a sick child, who Sigui then proceeds to heal with one her Holy Poses. Shortly after, Sigui explains that it takes time for her to perform the Holy Poses to Ymir. As the duo travels through the forest, they hear an altercation ahead of them and find bandits robbing an old man. Sigui and Ymir then fend off the bandits, and in the process Ymir also sold the bandits weapons, as Sigui broke their previous ones. The bandit leader soon arrives, killing the other few bandits who dared to flee. Sigui then confronts the bandit leader, who then reveals that there are far more than she thought. As Sigui and the bandit leader are about to fight, Ymir interrupts, with a business deal with the bandit leader, selling her a brand new sword. In the process Ymir bought Sigui some time to perform the Holy Pose: Worship, and makes everyone in the surrounding area bow down, except Ymir. The bandit leader breaks free, and attempts to attack Sigui, who then opens her arms and welcomes and consoles her, stopping her attack. As the duo travels the next day, Ymir remarks on how Sigui burned the bandits alive. Sigui and Ymir go their separate ways, and Sigui then proceeds to the Grand Cathedral and is promoted to Inquisitor.

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