Angels, Traps, and the Queen's True Motives


Kanji' 天使と罠と女王の真意
Rōmaji Tenshi to Wana to Jo Ō no Shin'in
Air date June 5, 2012
Opening Theme You Can Hear the Song of Life
Ending Theme Future is Serious
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"Angels, Traps, and the Queen's True Motives" is the forty-second episode of the Queen's Blade anime.


Angel-in-training Laila is sent by Nanael to check on the Swamp Witch and she sees that the Swamp Witch's territory is expanding. Laila bumps into Ymir's cousin Eilin and follows her back to Gainos to speak with Claudette. At the Queen's throne room, Laila tells Claudette that she's not doing a good enough job keeping the Swamp Witch in check and that perhaps a new Queen's Blade tournament should be held, but Claudette and Ymir tell Laila to leave and is able to scare Laila out of the palace. Laila returns to the heavens for advice, and Nanael tells her to go find The Wandering Warrior. Meanwhile in the cabin outside of Gainos, Annelotte agrees to go after the Queen and wants to sneak into the palace. Knowing that there would be extra security, Yuit uses her newspaper to spread false news of uprisings all over the place. The news prompts Ymir to send out soldiers from the palace, but Ymir also notes the possibility of someone trying to break in and sets a trap. Annelotte and friends sneak into the tunnels beneath the palace, but they fall into the trap and are teleported to different locations within the complex. Yuit and Vante end up fighting Sigui; Luna Luna faces Branwen in the arena below the palace; Mirim ends up near Ymir's laboratory; Tarnyang and Sainyang are up against Claudette in her throne room; and Annelotte is matched up with Aldra. Using her giant ladle and acid from her summons Belphe & Dogor, Aldra proves to be a tough opponent for Annelotte, but before she is overcome, Annelotte is able to transform.

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