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Gal Monster Arane

Silk Spider
Gender Female
Race Half-Human/Half-Spider
Occupation Gal Monster
Likes Columns of ants, corners of rooms
Dislikes Perverts
Hobby Pouring water into ants' nests, making snide remarks
Hair Color Dark Purple
Eye Color Red
Height 128cm (Approx 4'2")
Bust 68 (27")
Waist 46 (18")
Hip 68 (27")

"Stay still..."

Arane is one of the three capturable Gal Monsters from the video game Queen's Blade: Spiral Chaos, who returns for the second game in the series.


Arane wears a purple kimono with a spider-web design, and a yellow and black belt with red sandals, and has six separate eyes on her head. Her purple hair works to form spider legs that she can walk on. Her underwear is made of a spiderweb-type material and appears to be made by her.


Queen's Blade Spiral Chaos

A monster that lived in the "Orient" of the alien world. When the gate to the spirit world opened, the webs of her nest got entangled on it, and she came to the world of Queen's Blade. Dora and Lamica told her "Once we've conquered the Continent, we'll return you to your original land," and though she can't trust them, she cooperated reluctantly... Her distinctive trait is the threads she releases, with which she can build a nest or even make clothes. Besides this, she can also walk on her head's hair, and can harden it enough to make it into a strong weapon. Even if she looks young, apparently age means nothing for a monster. She hates mingling with people, and she always talks with a foul mouth. The eye-like things attached to her head are just a decoration she wears to intimidate her enemies.

Queen's Gate Spiral Chaos

Though she looks young, monsters have no such thing as a concept of "age." A member of the spider tribe, they've drawn influences from other monster tribes to form their own culture. Unsociable and with an original view of the world, she usually mutters to herself. Basically, she talks to people using abusive language without ever looking them in the eye. Though men might get charmed by the seemingly sad appearance she sometimes shows, that's the characteristic spider's trap. They get led to her nest, and end up entangled in her web...


Arane is able to fight using her hair, which appears and functions as spider legs. She is also able to fight using webs, binding her opponents, and leaving them open to attacks.


  • She is voiced by Satomi Sato.
  • She could possibly be named after Arachne, a figure from Greek Mythology.
  • Her monster class is the "Silk Spider." Other monsters like her are the "Princess Spider" Kaoruko (red) and the "Onigumo" Rakune (green).



Queen's Blade Spiral Chaos Freetalks Translation- Arane (1 of 2)

Queen's Blade Spiral Chaos Freetalks Translation- Arane (1 of 2)

Queen's Blade Spiral Chaos Freetalks Translation- Arane (2 of 2)

Queen's Blade Spiral Chaos Freetalks Translation- Arane (2 of 2)

Queen's Gate Spiral Chaos Freetalks Translation- Arane QG (1 of 2)

Queen's Gate Spiral Chaos Freetalks Translation- Arane QG (1 of 2)

Queen's Gate Spiral Chaos Freetalks Translation- Arane (2 of 2) (+kiss scene)

Queen's Gate Spiral Chaos Freetalks Translation- Arane (2 of 2) (+kiss scene)

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