Belphe & Dogor
Belphe & Dogor


Summoned Beasts
Gender Male
Race Demon
Occupation Aldra's helpers
Likes Panties
Hobby Trying to eat Aldra

Belphe: “Hey ma’am, isn’t this good enough?”

Dogor: “Hohoho, Madam… that’s quite an appetizing body you have, don't you?”

Belphe & Dogor are demons from the Netherworld, that Aldra summoned to help her fight. Aldra summoned them into her stuffed toys to protect herself, as a pre-cautionary measure.

Belphe's actual identity is the Demon Marquis of the 72 Nobles that rule the Netherworld, and its great Demonic Corps commander.

Dogor's actual identity is the Demon Earl of the 72 Nobles that rule the Netherworld, and the supreme master chef of the Royal Court.


Belphe possesses the stuffed red teddy bear with a dark red polka dot pattern, an eye-patch over its right eye, and a spiked choker.

Dogor possesses the stuffed green frog with bulging eyes and long tongue.

Their original forms have yet to be seen.


Belphe is gentlemanly and tender-hearted, but under the appearance of politeness, he's quite haughty. However, he'll eat anything until the appetite for his favorite food is sated. In the case of living beings, he'll eat them while apologizing.

Dogor has a sly, cunning personality. He puts his pride as a demon and noble first, and keeps trying to trap Aldra. However, he's shown some masochistic tendencies. His favorite food is cheese, and he dreams of having the best one to coat his fine cuisine with.


Belphe commanded the 40 army corps of the Netherworld with his free control over hellfire and atmospheric magic. As Aldra's helper, he can unleash a powerful flame.

Dogor had free control of earth magic and his golden dissolution liquid. As Aldra's helper, he can produce a clear liquid that acts as a powerful glue, or another liquid that can melt anything.


  • Belphe is voiced by Mitsuo Iwata, while Dogor is voiced by Masahito Yabe.
  • Belphe and Dogor's names are a play on the name of the demon Belphegor.
  • The mention of 72 nobles among the netherworld is likely a reference to the seventy-two demons found in the Ars Goetia, one of the five books of The Lesser Key of Solomon. Ironically, Belphegor is not one of the demons listed therein.
  • In the Rebellion's animated adaptation, one of Belphe's attacks resembles somewhat to the M.Bison/Dictator's Psycho Crusher from the Street Fighter series. This could be considered very ironic, since Mitsuo Iwata (Belphe's VA) voiced Sean Matsuda from Street Fighter III, who he is one of the heroes from that game.
  • In a similar way, Mitsuo Iwata's role as Belphe could be a reference towards his role as Shotaro Kaneda from the manga and anime film AKIRA, when Kaneda faces giant mutant bears in that film.


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