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Booogiepop Booogiepop 8 May 2021


Just watched the seventh episode of Inheritor of the Throne and I am so sad rn. Shizuka did not deserve that! Welp, there is nothing to be done. Onto the next episode.

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Deltacentari Deltacentari 7 October 2018

Wikia migration to Fandom

Hello everyone

I was reading a blog post from one of the Fandom staff members and it appears as though most wiki's (including this one if I read the alert right) are being migrated to the FANDOM domain. Additionally after the migration HTTPS will be used instead of whatever we're using now. So this is just a heads up, I'm not certain if our wiki will be among the first fifty to be moved but it will eventually be moved. So if you suddenly see FANDOM instead of wikia try not to panic.


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Deltacentari Deltacentari 19 June 2018

Leadership change and moving forward

Hello Everyone

UPDATE: I managed to become an admin. My first action as admin was making minor edits and fiddling with the new settings.

I have bad news. The first piece of bad news is that we do not have an admin anymore. Magister Xa was blocked globally and has had his account deactivated. Leecherboy tried getting a hold of Magister via email to no avail so far. Leecher has asked me to try to become an admin so we can have at least one active admin.

The second piece of bad news is that I am not 100% sure I will be granted admin rights. So That is why I'm making this blog post so we can discuss what to do if I become an admin or don't become an admin, and what we can expect for both scenarios.

If I become an admin I don't plan on overhauling …

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Ryzakilla Ryzakilla 25 September 2017

Queen's blade D&D

So, i was thinking. Since queen's blade is set in a Medevil fantasy setting, How does a D&D campaign sound for it?.

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Tenebrae54 Tenebrae54 10 September 2017

Random Thing for the Day

Yuit's excuse when she kills you by mistake in a co-op shooter.

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MargaretGR MargaretGR 4 September 2017

QB Aesthetics.

Hello everyone! Recently i decided to make some aesthetics based on each character in QB. For now, i've made 7 photos, and if you like them, i will try to make more. I also my tried my best in composing aesthetic pictures in a collage according to the appearance of each character like personality, attitude, surrondings etc. Enjoy! :)

  • Note: If you have trouble seeing the pictures, then visit my tumblr for visible images, thank you. https://darkravendaisy0.tumblr.com/









Elina Vance:


Leina Vance:

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Tenebrae54 Tenebrae54 3 September 2017

My Bad Jokes

Vanishing Hitchhiker

"Yes, I've seen a vanishing hitchhiker before." -stated a man-  "While driving in my new SUV, I saw a woman standing on the side of the road, thumb out, obviously in need of assistance.  I pulled over and she asked me if I could drive her to the nearest gas station.  I said "Sure, if you don't mind riding with a coffin." -I gestured behind me to the large pine box in the back of the vehicle-  ".....I barely even saw her dust trail."

A Reason *Not* to Clean Your House

You know your house is incredibly filthy when a burglar breaks in, takes one look around, and instantly leaves.

Who or *what* did you marry?

A woman who was getting tired of her husband always coming home drunk decides to play a prank on him.  She waited until …

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Tenebrae54 Tenebrae54 14 July 2017

New RP

I forgot where we left off....

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Leecherboy Leecherboy 26 March 2017

Looking for old sketches video?

Well, this is kind of a weird request, but hm...

From what my partner tells me, apparently at one point there was this video that displayed really early drafts of a few QB girls, like the accompanying pics show. (From the pics' filename, it appears to have been shared around 2008?)

Does anyone here know anything about the video in question?

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Elchelelo95 Elchelelo95 3 March 2017

Queen's Blade Unlimited???

Hello guys a friend of mine in youtube told me there was going to be a new fourth queens blade series called Queens blade unlimited or QBU for short

Anyone knows details of this new series or is it a remake??

What do u guys think??

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Elchelelo95 Elchelelo95 17 January 2017

Fellow Queenbladers some Amv's I wanna share with you!!

Hello I find out about Queen's Blade in 2013. But I have only become more interested in it in 2016, Well I wanna share with you some Music Video Tributes I made for some of my favorite girls from the shows.

Hope you enjoy the videos:)

I hope I inspired you to tribute you favorite girls:)

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Tenebrae54 Tenebrae54 2 January 2017

Maria turns Yoda on

She's so hot, even the 900-year-old Jedi Master is beginning to turn into a lecher.

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Tenebrae54 Tenebrae54 16 December 2016

Melona's reactions to different things

In a candy store (whether or not she would eat candy, I dunno.....):

"Oh, wow!  So many yummy things for me to eat!  Where shall I begin?"

When she's been out in the sun too long:

  • makes incoherent gurgling sounds*

When coming across someone full of angst:

"Cheer up, emo kid!"

Someone lets fly a horrible fart:


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Tenebrae54 Tenebrae54 15 December 2016

B vs. L

Here we are.

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Tenebrae54 Tenebrae54 14 December 2016

The Most Dangerous Things.....

Do you know what the most dangerous things that live in the forests, including the Elven Forest are?

Not Nowa......

Not Alleyne.......

Not even Echidna......

It is.......


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Magister Xa Magister Xa 12 December 2016

Admin Feedback

This is a blog made to help bring up any issues or problems that you may find on the wiki, or to discuss potential changes or things that may help make the wiki better.

Also, any of the new(as of now) features, (the series navigation box, Character and Episode Guide, and background), feel free to tell me what you think about those as well.

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Tenebrae54 Tenebrae54 7 December 2016

Echidna vs. Suspicious Chihuahua

Pure silliness, but I like it.


Reina::  "SC, get the door, would you?

SC:: (Suspicious Chihuahua) "Sure thing."

SC:: opens the front door:: "Yes?"

Echidna::  "Hey.  I was wondering if I could come in?  I wanted to talk to Reina a bit, eh heh heh heh."

SC::  "She's busy.  Come back later."

Echidna::  "Aw!  Well, OK.... when should I come back?"

SC::  "Five minutes after Hell freezes over."  ::slams the door in Echidna's face::

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Tenebrae54 Tenebrae54 5 December 2016

Edvin Biukovic RIP

I didn't even realize until now, but today is the 17th anniversary of my favorite comic book artist's, Edvin "Eddie" Biukovic, death.  He was only 30 years old (1969-1999).  Here's to you, late friend.

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Tenebrae54 Tenebrae54 30 November 2016

Jean continuation

Now, where were we?

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Wonder star Wonder star 13 November 2016

Full Puni Nyx Review

          Hello~ Been forever since I've done a review lol Being a broke college student does not help...lol Anyways I'm gonna be reviewing the Full Puni poseable figure of Nyx and Funikura. Unfortunetely I cannot personally recomend this figure unless you REALLY love Nyx, I'll get into why a bit later. I think a good thing to start with is mentioning she does not come with a stand and she does not stand on her own. Unless you have an extra stand from something(a nice doll stand should work) she will be unable to stand. Funikura is also rather oddly made, she cannot lift him so his head remains on the ground at all times. 

        Let's talk about Funikura a bit more now, he includes 1 tentacle that feels as sticky as it looks. It seems to …

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Tenebrae54 Tenebrae54 29 October 2016

Weird QB crossover ideas

I haven't a clue if I'm doing this right, but I've had some.... curious.... ideas for crossing Queen's Blade with other stuff.  Here's the first:

Tomoe x Boone

Tomoe is my favorite, and Craig Boone happens to be my fave male character from the "Fallout" series of games ("Fallout: New Vegas" for those who don't know).  I made a kind of connection between them when I was re-reading Boone's Wiki bio-- They're both tough, skilled, and professionals; I'm convinced Boone was a very loving, 'nice' guy, once, though not gentle like Tomoe; both were forced to kill the person dearest to them, i.e. Tomoe had to kill Shizuka, Boone had to kill his wife (and their unborn child in the process); both went a little off the edge after said horrible deed, but…

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Magister Xa Magister Xa 28 October 2016

Image Guidelines.

This is an image guideline regarding screenshots or other visual media outside of the Combat Books that the characters have.

In order to add or keep your images on character galleries, they must adhere to this guideline.

An Informative image is one that depicts certain scenes(which may or may not contain nudity) including but not limited to:

  •  Fight scenes from the anime.
  • Events from the anime that help show an aspect of character that would be difficult to textually apply (Ex: Aldra's transformation, Holy/Unholy/Evil Poses, etc.)
  • Screenshots helping to show minor characters interacting with major characters(which should be added to the minor characters page, where applicable.)
  • Screenshots helping to show major events from the anime.

A Non-Informativ…

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Elchelelo95 Elchelelo95 13 October 2016

Why didnt Annelotte participated in the 30th queens blade tournament??

Why didnt Annelotte participated in the tournament that Leina won??

What was she doing during that time??

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Elchelelo95 Elchelelo95 12 October 2016

What is the name of this Menace soundtrack??

When menace fought Claudette this song played In the background

Its also played during the scene in which she recluits servants

Anyone ones the name of this soundtrack or is it just production music?

Also I know they released a cd with soundtracks from the anime but I don't know if that song is part of the cd??

heres the link when she fought claudette


you can listen to it from 2:42-3:37

heres the link when she recruits servants


you can listen to it from 5:40-6:06

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Elchelelo95 Elchelelo95 12 October 2016

Will Queen's Blade go Mainstream in the Future??

Hello do you guys think that in some future Queen's Blade will air on Adult swim from cartoon network. Similar to how they aired Naruto, Dragon Ball z, One Piece etc.

Maybe in 2019, in order to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the original anime series:)

Do you think that the QB fanbase will grow in the future similar to those of mainstream animes??

Personally i will love to see QB dubbed in Latin Spanish it will be awesome:)

What do you guys think??

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Elchelelo95 Elchelelo95 12 October 2016

When do you guys think season 1 of Grimoire will begin??

When will QB Grimoire begin??

I know that they released some OVA's in early 2016. I dont know if those ovas are available in english dubbed

My best guess is that maybe in 2017 in Japan and Maybe they will have grimoire dubbed in english by the end of that year but who knows??

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Elchelelo95 Elchelelo95 14 September 2016

If I ever get married I want my wife to look like her!!!

I have a huge crush on this little angel from amara:)

I love her chubby face cheeks, her heavenly assests,her 90 cm of happiness and her awesome bob hairstyle with bangs

she is so cute, thats why if I ever get married, I want my wife to look similar to my favorite girl Queen Menace, yeah

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Elchelelo95 Elchelelo95 14 September 2016

Hey Queen Menace fans(with youtube accounts) can you comment on the tribute I made for her, please:)

Can you please comment so that I can know if

A My video is terrible (and I must keep on working)

B its nice and ok

C You gave it a like

heres the link


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Elchelelo95 Elchelelo95 14 September 2016

Who is your favorite Girl(s) from Queen's Blade??

My favorite girl from the series is Menace and Alleyne is in second place.

Menace is so my favorite that I even have a Framed picture of her next to my bed, so I get to see her face before I go to sleep and after I wake up yeah:)

And for you guys who is your favorite girl and why??

From any QB series the original, rebellion, spiral chaos, grimoire etc

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Elchelelo95 Elchelelo95 13 September 2016

Hey Queen Menace fans, can you comment on the tribute I made for her, please:)

Hey are there any other Menace fans in here??

If so you can watch and comment on the tribute I made for her:)

heres the link


The more comments the better:)

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Elchelelo95 Elchelelo95 13 September 2016

How old is Princess(Queen) Menace??

Hello there I am kinda new to this:) I am a big fan of Menace the amarian queen-princess.

I know that she died thousands of years ago. and that she was resurrected by the swamp witch.

But how old is Menace?? She does look young :)

Also is she single?? I have a huge crush on her!!!

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Elchelelo95 Elchelelo95 13 September 2016

How long does a Queen's Reign lasts??

Hello there I am new to this anime and manga:)

I know that there is a tournament to determine who is the new queen. the winner becomes the new queen but how often is the tournament organized??

How long does a reign by a queen usually lasts?

Also if you are a defeated queen can you enter the next tournament again and try to reclaim the throne??

Also do the queens have kings or royal families??

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Elchelelo95 Elchelelo95 10 September 2016

Queen's Blade Rebellion season 2??

Will there be a season 2 for queens blade rebellion?

The rebellion series run for 12 episodes back in the summer of 2012. and some people werent satisfied with the ending.

They say that the story hasnt ended, and that maybe there is going to be a second season.

There is another queens blade series called grimoire that is in development now in 2016 with a few ovas released. but grimoire feautures a new cast and setting. so it is not related to the first two seasons or rebeliion.

So did rebellion ended? or will there be a second season?

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Magister Xa Magister Xa 11 July 2016

Spoilers for Rebellion are now allowed!

It's been a long while, and no word or anything of a continuation of the conclusion(anime-wise), so I see no point in keeping the spoilers of Rebellion off this wikia. Might as well have them and all other information as this is the only place people still come to the most out of other sites.

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Lipucd Lipucd 27 February 2016

Current Objectives

So, right now my current goal is to burn past the first series of Queens Blade books one by one, and then organize the Book Guide page by rank, and series, to let people eyeball and spy who they want to use, and who they should watch out for. Not too sure how it's hitting off for others, but I'm hoping the effort is enjoyed!

...now if you allow me, a selective slime girl needs more molesting >w>;;

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WikiaRred WikiaRred 28 January 2016

Hobby Japan's Card Gamers vol. 26 comes with a collaboration card of Wixoss U~ikurosu and Queen's Blade Grimoire

Hey, guys. I'm here to tell you an exciting announcement related to Queen's Blade Grimoire

Sigui: It's about a ca--

Please, Sigui. Let me tell the readers about this announcement

Sigui: Fine..

The latest Hobby Japan's Card Gamers magazine (vol. 26) will be released in January 30.

Here's what the magazine looks like:

Just remember what it looks like if you're planning to buy one.

Sigui: *saves photo*

You're not buying one, Sigui..

Anyway, the card is only obtainable in the magazine, and here's how it looks like:

If it's possible, that they would make one for the older QB characters. I'll buy a Sigui one.

Sigui: Me too~


Well, that's all for now. If you want more information, click here .

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WikiaRred WikiaRred 20 January 2016

Lucky Charm???

I think I this is my lucky charm...

Sigui: *whispers* He's crazy...

I'm an active wikia editor on QB wikia a.k.a the only wikia that I edit (I share tips on Kantai Collection wikia, though. But I don't think that's actually "editing". It's more like "giving"). After days of being active and editing with Sigui (lol), I finally reached rank #14.

A great achievement for me, indeed. But this blog post isn't actually about my new achievement. It's actually about this new medal which I consider as my "luck charm".

See that medal? Is that my babe, Sigui's you-know-what-bounces??

Sigui: Have you been observing me lately?..

That's all for now (yeah, I think it's Sigui's)~

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WikiaRred WikiaRred 19 January 2016


This is by far, my best blog post~

Sigui: Yep~

I finally got my FIRST Queen's Blade visual combat book! And, of course, it's Sigui's!

Reaction: The book is in a great condition even though it was released in 2009. The art in real life is even more awesome than the scanned ones here on the wikia (no offense lol). And of course, Sigui, you are looking beautiful as always, babe~

Sigui: Thank you, druid~

I ordered this on Amazon Japan. Queen's Blade official website directed me to Amazon Jp to purchase this. I'm buying another two illustration books, which are Vanquised Queens 2 (Limited Edition) and... I'm not sure if this is the correct title, but according to the translator. The title is Queen's Blade Rebellion Yoshitoshi Senki Kessen Hen (Normal …

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WikiaRred WikiaRred 15 January 2016

Queen's Blade Grimoire Store Benefits

Thank you for checking this blog post~

Sigui: It's about the store benefits~

This blog post is about the introduction of the store benefits. This upcoming January 29, Queen's Blade Grimoire OVA will be released as a limited edition bundled Blu-ray.

Ordering one gives you a store benefit.

Sigui: Awesome posters~

Here are the store benefit posters that you can get:

Here's another store benefit. A 2016 Calendar (thanks to Leecherboy for sharing):

That's all~

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WikiaRred WikiaRred 14 January 2016

Rank 18!!!

Wow, you're actually reading my FIRST blog entry!

Sigui: Pardon him, visitor. He doesn't have friends..

Welcome to my FIRST blog entry~

Queen's Blade wikia is my favorite wikia on the internet. I started out in January 10, 2016. Making QB wikia the best QB database on the internet is my goal. Ever since I joined this wikia, I keep thinking about QB almost all the time. It's not that I am just addicted, but also I am actually having fun editing this wikia. I have joined a wikia before QB wikia, to be honest. It's Kantai Collection/KanColle wikia. I did nothing important there but to comment on an article and chat with random people. I never actually experienced "fun" on editing wikias back then. What's actually making me active is my addicting…

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Magister Xa Magister Xa 9 October 2015

Seiten Figurine

Gaining quite the popularity, and for those who haven't seen, check out Seiten's figurine from MegaHouse here.

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Wonder star Wonder star 30 July 2015

EchidnaXBranwen fanfic

Quick heads up, this takes place after the series, it may contain spoilers, the spoilers are going to be from the books and character endings(though I will make some of it up seeing as I can't find a few ends) , if they don't match the anime, that is why. Most of this will be made up by me. I am typically not fond of fanfictions but this came to me and someone asked me to publish it here so I shall lol.   I PROBABLY will not write this all in one sitting either so it could go unfinished for some time. I'm not planning to make this explicit but it may go there eventually, if you're reading it for sex, you're in the wrong place lol. Shall we begin?

Chapter 1

      After the defeat of the swamp witch, the beautiful warriors were once again able…

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MargaretGR MargaretGR 4 May 2015

Guessing the star signs of the beautiful warriors.

I think this question/guessing is going to be fun ^^ i was thinking to guess the beautiful warriors star signs just fo fun ^^ So, based of reading the personality paragraphs of the warriors, whats your guess about their star signs????











Nanael:Gemini (or maybe Saggitarius)















These i guess, did i forget someone else??? well, whats your guess???? :)

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Leecherboy Leecherboy 23 April 2015

Grimoire Anime Cometh!

This month's HJ Magazine confirmed what we've been expecting for a while!

The text says something like this:

"クイーンズブレイド刊行10周年を記念し、"クイーンズブレイド グリムワル" のアニメ化が決!! 作品はOVA全2巻形式で、今秋以降発売の対戦型ビジュアルブックに同梱し連続リリース予定とのこと。 さらによしもときんじ&りんしんをはじめ、QB第1期アニメスタッフが再結集. 過去シリーズの美闘士たちもゲスト登場!新世代美闘士たちの華麗なる活躍を見すな!!"

Which would translate to something similar to:

"To commemorate QB's 10 anniversary, QBG's anime was greenlit! It'll be comprised of two volumes, bundled after the next gaming visual book to be released this fall. Not only we'll have Yoshimoto Kinji & Rin Shin, but also the anime staff of QB's first season. A beautiful fighter from the past series will make a guest appearance! Don't miss the debut of the next generation of beautiful fighters!!"

The wording is a bi…

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Magister Xa Magister Xa 28 January 2015

NR's Edits - Seiten

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Leecherboy Leecherboy 23 January 2015

HJ's Bikini Warriors

Hm, technically this wouldn't be related much to QB, but I guess any Oda Non is a good Oda Non...

The thing is, apparently the newest HJ magazine just announced a new series here by HJ, with art by Oda Non and Saitom among others and featuring a regular release schedule, that would start just as "Fantasy Figures" (like 7 Sins, then?) and could develop into comics, games, anime and other media (like 7 Sins wished, then?). I think you can only see that last bit if you check the site's source code (ooh hacking~~)

You can check more as it develops in the aforementioned site they just opened:


...I just hope they ain't poaching artists from us, Oda Non needs to get his Grimoire STAT!

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Leecherboy Leecherboy 12 December 2014

Seiten previeeeew~!

So, HJ just noticed they're releasing Seiten in a couple weeks, and found it in themselves to give us her preview ! ...Though well, in their defense they do start the post saying "sorry for making everyone wait so much". Anyways, here's more info on the new gal!

They begin by saying that she's Grimoire's first "villain" indeed, the essential element for a fairy tale... though rather than an evil presence, she's more of a greedy, loyal nuisance.

As we knew, she comes with her "partner in crime"/"bad influence" Hakkai, and her subordinate Genjou, who came to punish her but now follows her as a zombie. Both are chars that will fight along her.

Her favorite weapon is the Power Pole ("Nyoibo"), but besides that and attacking with her comrades, she…

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Alzrius Alzrius 6 September 2014

Beauty and Blades: A Thought Experiment

Queen's Blade - a tournament whereby the strongest and most beautiful fighters compete to become the next Queen.

The above sentence is often spoken in the Queen's Blade anime as a basic summary of what the series is about. However, those who watch the series will be aware that this signature phrase is slightly inaccurate. There is no contest nor competition with regards to the beauty of those competing for the throne. Indeed, the beauty of whomever happens to become the next Queen is, insofar as the tournament progression is concerned, completely incidental.

While the tournament proper doesn't concern itself with the beauty of its contestants, its interesting to consider what changes would need to be made if it did. That is, what would the Q…

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Leecherboy Leecherboy 1 September 2014

Vanquished Queens 3 stories

The titles for VQ3's stories were just revealed , so here's what they should sound like. As usual, they use mostly nouns, with only a very few verbs in there, for whatever reason:

-Tomoe: Worst Luck, Invasion of the Lewd Snake

-Alleyne: Ghost Garden, Dripping Nectar

-Melona: Stolen Freedom, Queen's Evil Eye

-Aldra: Minions' Mutiny, New Wife's Penitence

-Yuit & Vante: Proclamation of Defeat, The Cost of Vante

-Mirim: Dancing Clash, Dancer's Onslaught

-Tarnyang & Sainyang: Captured Sisters, Dawn of Slavery

-Eilin: Blunder at Business, Pirate's Aesthetics

-Liliana: Reviving Betrayal, Despair Anew

-Izumi: Life Like Doll, Kappa's Item Description

-Sigui: Heretic Party, Holy Pose of Humiliation

-Annelotte: End of Rebellion, Defeat of the Princess Knight


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Magister Xa Magister Xa 11 August 2014

NR's Edits - Kaguya

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