Queen's Blade Wiki

Much like a real fighting game, the 'Queens Blade' character books each have their own strengths, weakness, and gimmicks to separate them from each other and to offer a different experience when played. While the books are not created equal, they are created to allow for a victory in some form or fashion. This guide in turn is done to present each book to let a player weight their choices, or to use their favorites to greater effect.

in each Series, I list the girls by Ranking [ From S to F ] ( *by self judgement ), and the Skill Level necessary to pull of their gimmick successfully [ From Beginner to Expert ] ( Given how this works, someone can be a Rank D, utterly hard to win with, but Skill Level Beginner, meaning their gimmick in turn is 'easy' to understand and use ). Rankings are only accounted for inside that 'Series', and a 'overall' Ranking will be done at a later date and time.

Queens Blade

  • Rank: S ( The OP Rank. Anyone here has more boons then flaws, and will chances are net victory's without too much at risk. )
  • Rank: A ( Very strong, powerful fighters who go above the pack, but still have a rather large weakness that keeps them in check. )
  • Rank: B ( The 'Average' Pool. A Balance between strengths and weakness. They nether excel, nor do horrible. )
  • Rank: C ( A group that has more flaws then boons in the long run. While they still have something to let them win, it's bogged down by something that makes them struggle. )
  • Rank: D ( The 'Handicap' pool. If they have a boon, it's not enough to make up for many of the inherent flaws they have in turn. )