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Great Alchemist
Gender Female
Race Elf
Occupation Alchemist
Hair Color Unknown
Eye Color Unknown
Height Unknown
Bust Unknown
Waist Unknown
Hip Unknown

Cyan is Yuit's mother, and an old friend of Cattleya and Owen from their adventuring days. She had an alchemy workshop in the Little Elf Forest where she raised Yuit and built Vante, but (unbeknownst to her) lost it when the Queen's Army burned the forest down.


There are no details of her physical appearance, but being a Little Elf like Yuit, her height must be around her daughter's.


She's known as an oddball among the little elves, not caring what her technology is ultimately used for, and always going to unknown locations to continue her research.

Yuit remembers her as an unreliable mother with an irresponsible nature, and somewhat resents her for leaving her and going somewhere else to investigate, but respects her and cherishes the memories from when she studied and helped build Vante in her workshop.


Her alchemist abilities surpass even Ymir's. Cyan used her skills along with Owen's blacksmith techniques to create Claudette's Thunderclap, developed the low-cost iron Cattleya would go on to use (putting Ymir's business in trouble), and was the one who invented the "Magic Stone" technology of storing magic power in a gem like a battery to use anytime. Even after Ymir discovered that the "Dragon Eye" gems from Gemstone Mountain worked the best to make magic stones, Cyan's magic stones were still the superior ones.

When she built Vante, she used her Magic Stone technology to provide her with the damaging "Missile Punches", and it's implied she also used at least some of the ancient Calibara technology she found when she went there to investigate their hidden "Great Power."


  • Cyan has no illustrations or pictures of her.
  • On the cover of the Bitoshi Senki Drama CDs, it says they're "magic disks" invented by her.
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