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Dogura, illustrated by Oda Non.

Slave Trader
Gender Male
Race Goblin
Occupation Branwen's Master
Likes Training Branwen

Dogura is the owner of Branwen, the captured dragon warrior.


As a goblin, Dogura is small and portly. He wears a mask on his head and has a gold tooth on the left side of his upper jaw. He wears two black belts with a gold ornament on his torso, and black decorated bottoms.


As a slave trader, Dogura must do what he can to ensure those under his captivity satisfy his goals. He is rather harsh with his subjects, thus ensuring they fight harder for him. He may even free a subject if they are able to overcome what he has asked of them. Dogura's main goal is to impress The Swamp Witch through battle to gain her affection. For a bit of prestige, cheap wine and praise from the beautiful Swamp Witch, he forces Branwen to fight day after day without mercy. However, the pride of her lineage won’t allow her to die easily. Branwen fights for Dogura to protect her kin as well as her Dragon Usher. If Dogura does not send word to the containment facility they are held in for even a day, they will all be immediately killed which forces Branwen to fight to the best of her ability to protect them.


While not capable of much on his own, once Dogura captures someone, he can manipulate them to do his bidding. He utilizes a control method of attaching electric cords to sensitive parts of a person's body, thereby instituting the highest amount of pain possible. When a subject is deemed too dangerous to be left to the aforementioned method, it is sometimes combined with a magical spell which enables the subject to be freed after achieving a certain requirement, which in Branwen's case, is winning battles. The spell itself resembles chain links, corresponding with the amount of not meeting and meeting requirements (the more the requirements are not met, the more links added, and vice-versa).


  • He usually talks in a bold, rude manner, but when he's addressing someone he considers more important than himself (The Swamp Witch, Melona, Menace, etc.), he talks more humbly and slurs his "s."
  • He is voiced by Binbin Takaoka (Japanese) and Mike Pollock (English).


Official Artwork


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