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This is a list of all the Queen's Blade episodes.

Queen's Blade

Season One

Queen's Blade: Wandering Warrior

  1. High Spirits: The Wandering Warrior
  2. Ambitious Undertaking: Warrior Priestess
  3. Charm Attack: Veteran Mercenary
  4. Rivalry: Thundercloud General
  5. Resurrected Curse: Ancient Princess
  6. Promise: Forest Keeper
  7. Advent: Angel of Light
  8. Stealth: Assassin of the Fang
  9. Sincerity: The Weaponsmith and the Steel Princess
  10. Enlightenment: Blow of the Dragon
  11. Thunder: After The Death Battle
  12. Final Destiny: Path to the Queen


(Everyone Appears - Gainos Academy Rampage!)

  1. Blazing Transfer Student Tomoe - Gale Chapter
  2. Blazing Transfer Student Tomoe (Raging Tides Chapter)
  3. Elina's Super Sister Legend
  4. Swamp Witch's Punishment
  5. The School Cafeteria's Cattleya-san
  6. Student Council President Aldra

Season Two

Queen's Blade: Inheritor of the Throne

  1. Assemble: Queen's Blade
  2. Crush the Evil: The Unforgettable Battle
  3. Fiery Passion: Ignited Karma
  4. Showdown: The Voice of a Crucial Meeting
  5. Strategy: The Queen's Palace of Lament
  6. Complication: Changing Premonition
  7. Freeze: Appraisal of the Situation
  8. Disgrace: The Battle Angel
  9. Innermost Feelings: Showdown at Castle Vance
  10. A Cherished Wish: What is Worth Fighting For
  11. Duel to the Death: Culminating Showdown
  12. Ambition: The Successor to the Throne


(Let`s Still Appear - Gainos Academy Rampage!)

  1. Wow! A Beach Volleyball Tournament Between the Beautiful Warriors
  2. The Suffering of Little Genius Teacher Ymir
  3. Passionate Trainer Coach Alleyne
  4. The Melancholy of Huge Breasted Doctor Melpha
  5. Student Council Executive Irma
  6. Queen's Brassiere

Beautiful Fighters(OVA)

Queen's Blade: Beautiful Fighters

  1. Faith: Elina's Unshakable Bond
  2. Longing: Alleyne's Thousand Year Separation
  3. Melancholy: Airi's Double-Cross
  4. Revival: Menace's Palace of Pleasure
  5. Fallen Angel: The Nanael of Pleasure
  6. Mystery: An Escort's Journey of Disaster

Queen's Blade: Rebellion

Prologue (OVA)

  1. A New Disciple, A New Battle
  2. A Saint's Agony: The Door of Faith Reopens

Queen's Blade: Rebellion

  1. Fighter of The Rebellion
  2. Holy Fight
  3. The Jungle of Moon Shadows and Sunlight
  4. The Unstoppable Hyper Vibration
  5. The Secret at Gainos Castle
  6. Flower Decorations and a Hidden Power
  7. The Flying Pirate Ship
  8. The Tempted Young Wife
  9. A Samurai Arrives
  10. Angels, Traps, and the Queen's True Motives
  11. The Wavering Fighting Spirit
  12. Bonds of the Resistance


  1. Special Training! Annelotte's Holy Poses
  2. Vibration! Mirim's Change for Survival
  3. Disgrace! The Taming of Branwen!
  4. Hot Spring! Liliana's Refined Aesthetics
  5. Assault! Aldra is Nearby
  6. Confusion! Annelotte and Her Sister's-in-Arms Get Entangled

Queen's Blade: Vanquished Queens

  1. Warrior Priestess Ruthlessness
  2. Holy Ghost Violation
  3. Warrior Slavery
  4. Aldra's Torment

Queen's Blade: Grimoire

  1. Awaken, Demon Hunter of Little Red Riding Hood
  2. Round Dance, The Dreaming Mermaid Princess

Queen's Blade: Unlimited

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