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Ivy as illustrated by 2-go.

Twisting Blade of Solitude
Kanji アイヴィー
Rōmaji Aivī
Alias Isabella Valentine
Series Soulcalibur (Video Game)
Gender Female
Race Human
Occupation Alchemist
Likes Her snake-sword
Dislikes Soul Edge
Hobby Alchemy
Hair Color White
Eye Color Blue
Height 179 (Approx 5'10")
Bust 100 (39)
Waist 52 (20)
Hip 87 (34)

Ivy (Isabella) Valentine is a character from the Soul Calibur fighting game series. She is one of the staple female characters of the series alongside Taki.


Ivy wears a revealing purple bodysuit, held together by several strings and straps. She has a gold clawed gauntlet with a green ornate design upon it, with matching heels.


Contrary to her appearance and mannerisms, Ivy is more of a tortured soul seeking revenge against her father, Cervantes. In battle, she has quite a demanding and condescending demeanor and because of her Machiavellian views, she is considered by some as evil. Despite this, her goal only lies in cutting her ties to Soul Edge and living a life free of the cursed blade.


In battle, Ivy wields a special "snake sword" known as the Valentine. Though it appears to be a regular one-handed sword, the blade itself can greatly increase its length by splitting itself into fragments connecting by a sturdy wire. Due to the power of the parasitic blade Soul Edge flowing through her veins, Ivy can not only control the path of the blade by thought, but also completely disassemble the blade fragments and have them assault the opponent from multiple angles. Because Ivy was born with the power of Soul Edge in her blood, her aging has stunted, allowing her to retain her physique and appearance for decades. She is also highly skilled in alchemy as well as magic.


  • Ivy is a highly skilled alchemist.
  • Ivy (as of SCIV) is thirty-two years old.
  • Ivy is easily recognizable by her exceedingly revealing clothing and large bust.  She predominantly wears purple and violet form fitting clothing, although with each game she appears in, her bust not only appears to grow slightly, but the area covering it decreases. Another recurring feature among her costumes is a singular iron and gold-colored armored gauntlet that covers the entirety of her left arm.
  • Her appearance in the Queen's Gate series is based on her appearance in Soulcalibur IV.
  • Along with her appearance, Ivy is also known for her unique fighting style which (at the time) was revolutionary in 3D fighting games.
  • She is voiced by Yumi Tōma.


Combat Book

For this character's gallery, visit: Ivy/Gallery



Queen's Gate Spiral Chaos Freetalks Translation Ivy (1 of 2)


Queen's Gate Spiral Chaos Freetalks Translation Ivy (2 of 2) ( kiss scene)

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