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Jean, as seen in Queen's Blade: Spiral Chaos.

The Servant
Gender Male
Race Human
Occupation Attendant
Likes Marshmallows, sweet things
Dislikes Bell peppers, Carrots, and Selfish girls
Hobby Having delusions
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Black
Height 165cm (Approx 5'5")

Jean is a young sorcerer employed by Cute's family as her bodyguard. He is from Queen's Blade: Spiral Chaos and its sequel Queen's Gate: Spiral Chaos, which are his only official appearances along with Cute.


Jean wears an orange overcoat with a white cross design on the front. On his arms he has light orange pauldrons that resemble a creature's head, and orange cloth bracers with white crosses upon them. On his legs, he has brown pants with light orange shin-guards and orange shoes.


Though he seems quiet at first glance, he unexpectedly has a dirty mind and is quite prone to go on wild delusions. He's quite paranoid, thinking there's always someone behind the scenes, which seems to make him work seriously. Asked by Cute's parents to escort and protect her, he goes with her as her attendant. His relationship with Cute is like a siblings' one. Lewd but with common sense, now that the world is shifting, he plays the role of support and straight man to Cute. He only has common sense, not guts and courage, and is always negative and a coward in an emergency.


Jean is able to utilize different types of spells in battle, which is useful with most of the cast, as they cannot use many magical attacks. He can also capture Gal Monsters and have them aid him in battle.


  • A running gag in the Queen's Blade: Spiral Chaos video game is Jean fantasizing about beautiful women, giving him a lustful face, leading him into trouble with Cute, who bludgeons him with her hammer.
  • He is voiced by Hiroshi Kamiya.
  • Jean's pauldrons bear a slight resemblance to the Chain Chomps of Super Mario Bros. They also resemble the second head of the Pokemon, Girafarig.



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