Junko Hattori

Junko Hattori as illustrated by Pop Zundare.

Class 1-A Chairman
Kanji 服部 絢子
Rōmaji Hattori Junko
Series Ichiban Ushiro no Dai Maō (Anime/Light Novel)
Gender Female
Race Human
Occupation Student
Likes School, Her clan
Dislikes Demon King, Sea Cucumbers, Slimy Things
Hobby Student
Hair Color Blue
Eye Color Blue
Height 164cm (Approx 5'4")
Bust 86 (34")
Waist 56 (22")
Hip 84 (33")

Junko Hattori is a character from the light novel series, manga series, and anime series Demon King Daimao. She is the secondary protagonist in the series. She is a member of the Hattori Clan, and a disciple of the god Suhara.


Being a student, Junko wears a regular school uniform, but she also wears her ninja uniform, which is a long open blue robe with white ends, a long red scarf around her neck and black hip-guards. On her left arm, she has a full-length, black, arm-guard with a gauntlet and three blades attached to it. On her left leg, she has a thigh-high, black leg-guard, and on her right, she wears a fishnet thigh-high.


Junko strongly believes in justice, and is very loyal to the Hattori Clan. She can easily misinterpret people's good intentions for evil machinations, but for the most part Junko isn't seen as a gullible person. She seems to be a harsh person, but she does warm up to people after a while.


Junko's power lies within her sword, which she can summon at any time, and she is also highly skilled in Ninjutsu, hailing from a powerful and legendary ninja clan.


  • She shares her last name with the legendary ninja/samurai of the Sengoku era, Hanzo Hattori.


For this character's gallery, visit: Junko Hattori/Gallery


Queen's Gate Spiral Chaos Freetalks Translation Junko Hattori (1 of 2)

Queen's Gate Spiral Chaos Freetalks Translation Junko Hattori (1 of 2)

Queen's Gate Spiral Chaos Freetalks Translation Junko Hattori (2 of 2) ( kiss scene)

Queen's Gate Spiral Chaos Freetalks Translation Junko Hattori (2 of 2) ( kiss scene)

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