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Lamica as illustrated by Y-jin.

Blood-Sucking Princess
Gender Female
Race Vampire
Occupation Following Dora
Likes Tomato juice
Dislikes Jean
Hobby Sunbathing, cultivating tomatoes
Hair Color Purple
Eye Color Black and Red
Height 140cm (Approx 4'7")
Bust 72 (29")
Waist 48 (19")
Hip 75 (30")

"How could I let Dora take credit for this?!"

Lamica is a character from the Queen's Blade: Spiral Chaos video game. She is a vampire who follows the sorceress Dora.


Lamica has a small black hat with bat wings on it. She has purple puffy sleeves, with light purple cloth extending from it and on on her wrists she has small purple bracers with the same light purple cloth on it. On her torso, she has a thin purple breastplate, with a silver pentagonal piece in the middle. She has black wings on her lower back, and a purple garter with the leg pieces having a bat pattern going across them, and several bands with silver bats on them.


Queen's Blade Spiral Chaos

A vampire princess that appeared from a different dimension than the Queen's Blade world. Just like the sorceress Dora, she's under instructions to bring about chaos to the world. As one of the descendants of the Blood-Sucking Clan, her pride is very high. Though her age surpasses 10,000 years, her mental age is low, causing Dora to treat her as a child.

Queen's Gate Spiral Chaos

The princess of the Blood-Sucking Clan, following a period of decay after the good old days of prosperity, she evolved on her own in order to greet the new era as a vampire. When she explored a certain foreign land, she became exhausted and was saved by Ranshel & Sushel. Since then, she's been serving under them.


Lamica's wings can turn into a swarm of bats and fuse together to create weapons such as large hammers or swords. She can also use her vampiric abilities to bite into her opponents, dealing much damage.


  • She is voiced by Sayuri Yahagi.
  • Her blood-sucking final attack is a reference from Neon Genesis Evangelion when Shinji Ikari's EVA-01 goes in a berserk state against the Angels and starts eating them.
  • Her name is an anagram of Carmila from the novel of the same name written by Joseph Le Fanu. She also shares the same name with another female vampire named Lamirca, from the anime and novel series Vampire Hunter D.




Queen's Gate Spiral Chaos Freetalks Translation Lamica (1 of 2)


Queen's Gate Spiral Chaos Freetalks Translation Lamica (2 of 2) ( kiss scene)

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