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Longing: Alleyne's Thousand Year Separation


Kanji' 愛惜!アレイン千年の別れ
Rōmaji Aiseki! Arein Sennen no Wakare
Air date September 22, 2010
Opening Theme None
Ending Theme Bitōshi Carnival: Taoreru Toki wa Maemuki ni
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"Longing: Alleyne's Thousand Year Seperation" is the twenty-sixth episode of the Queen's Blade anime.


After the Queen's Blade tournament, Alleyne decided to head back to the forest, but Nowa, new to the city life, wanted to visit new places and the two end up wandering around the land. Alleyne feels guilty about not returning to the forest, but she also feels happy to travel with Nowa. One day, Alleyne and Nowa find their way to the seaside where the two decide to spend the day and have fun on the beach, but Alleyne notices that there is a malevolent tentacle creature swimming in the waters. At night, after Alleyne has fallen asleep, Nowa secretly sneaks out of the inn room to find a rare sea stone that Alleyne had told her about a long time ago. Diving into the water and braving the currents, Nowa finds the sea stone but is then knocked unconscious by something. Back at the seaside inn, Alleyne heads out after discovering that Nowa is gone. While searching the beach, Alleyne finds two local girls being attacked by a tentacled monster. Alleyne drives off the creature but the creature escapes. Alleyne eventually finds Nowa's monkey Lu who points to the water. Alleyne dives in and is swept by the currents to a nearby island. Meanwhile, the unconscious Nowa was washed up on the island and is found by Nyx, who then treats Nowa to some soup. Nowa notices Funikura sleeping nearby and advises Nyx to get rid of the evil staff, but Nyx thinks she's useless without Funikura. While Nowa is giving Nyx a pep talk, Alleyne arrives scolds Nowa for sneaking out on her own. While the situation becomes tense between the three females, Funikura awakens and takes control of Nyx, who begins attacking the duo. In the process of fighting, Nowa drops her sea stone which cracks when it hits the ground. Nowa retrieves the stone but is sent flying by one of Nyx's fire blasts. Alleyne quickly defeats Nyx, but Funikura attacks from behind and attempts to take over Alleyne's body. As Alleyne is about to lose control, Nowa comes to the rescue and knocks Funikura off of her. Nowa then tosses Funikura far into the sea, and Nyx jumps in the water to follow after the staff. Nowa tells Alleyne that she understands why Nyx is so attached to Funikura, as she understands it's hard to live in the world alone. Nowa states that she wants to travel the land by herself and hands Alleyne the sea stone she found.

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