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Lost Worlds is the name pertaining to series of combat picture books also with the system that they are using created by Alfred Leonardi. Lost Worlds is a combat game book that features combat with fantasy creatures and elements. It's appeal is that it does not need any dice to play, just two to four books. The current distributors of these books in the United States are Firelight Game Company and Flying Buffalo, Inc.

HobbyJapan licensed the Lost Worlds system for the Queen's Blade series (with some of the Queen's Blade characters are based on already created Lost Worlds counterparts)


For a full history, see the Wikipedia article here .

The first Lost Worlds combat books were created by Leonardi in 1983 for Nova Game Designs – two years after the success of his other designed game books such as Ace of Aces. Since then, there are 75 games created by various companies, such as Greysea and Flying Buffalo, in the late 90's, ranging from original characters to licensed ones. The Lost Worlds system, known for it's dice-less move-matrix system, was also used in by other companies, particularly Battlebooks and Games Workshop.

The current owner of the series is Jill Leonardi, Alfred Leonardi's daughter and a game designer as well, who also designs new matrices for use in Queen's Blade as well as a new brand, Legend's Gauntlet, by her new company, Firelight Game Company . The current distributor of the old books is Flying Buffalo, Inc who also worked some characters from their own franchise, Tunnels and Trolls, to Lost Worlds as well.

Today, the system is widely know for being the system used in the Queen's Blade series, which began in 2005.

How to Play

See How to Play in the Queen's Blade Combat Books article for more information.

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