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Mai Shiranui

Mai Shiranui as Illustrated by Mahiru Izumi

Crimson Ninja
Kanji 不知火 舞
Rōmaji Shiranui Mai
Series Fatal Fury/King of Fighters (Video Game)
Gender Female
Race Human
Occupation Kunoichi
Likes Ornamental Hairpin (Her Grandmother's Keepsake)
Dislikes Spiders
Hobby Cooking
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Height 165cm (Approx 5'5")
Bust 87 (34)
Waist 55 (22)
Hip 91 (36)

Mai Shiranui is a character from the Fatal Fury and King of Fighters series. Mai is the granddaughter of Hanzo Shiranui, a Master Ninja. She mostly chases after Andy Bogard in the Fatal Fury and King Of Fighters series. 


Mai wears a red shinobi dress, with a white bowtie and large, long, flowing, red and white ribbons behind her. She often wears white or red panties underneath. On her arms, she has black wristbands, and on her legs she has black socks with red and white sandals.


Mai is a happy and upbeat girl, currently on the lookout for her Prince Charming, who she has set eyes upon Andy many times and wishes to marry him. However, her ninja ways often get into the way of that.


Mai is able to use her Shiranui-ryuu Ninjustu to be able to harness fire and temporarily gain levitation. She is a very skilled kunoichi and fights with metal fans, often infusing them with fire. She is also able to use parts of her clothing to attack the enemy.



(From her backcover)

I'm Mai Shiranui! Successor of the Shiranui-style ninjutsu. I may not look like it, but I'm a full-fledged ninja.

I've participated lots of times in the world-famous “The King Of Fighters” fighting tournament too, my skills are nothing less than Japan's finest, no wait, even calling them the world’s finest wouldn't be an exaggeration!

So why am I here? Because I received yet another invitation letter to “The King Of Fighters”, that's why. *giggle* If I win this tournament, Andy's heart will be mine for sure this time.

Though, this tournament only has women in it, women dressed in some kind of cosplay armor. Something's off about this...

Well, whatever! Doesn't matter who my opponent is, I'll never lose! Keep your eyes on me! Andy! Sure enough, will Mai be able to defeat these unknown opponents and shine furthermore as the number one female warrior?

And, will she be able to conquer Andy's heart?!

They won’t know that unless they fight.


  • Her popularity in the SNK games is seen as similar to Capcom's Chun Li.
  • She is voiced by Ami Koshimizu.
  • Her alternative outfit in the videogames seems to be similar to the outfit worn by Yuka Takeuchi from the Variable Geo series.


For this character's gallery, visit: Mai Shiranui/Gallery



Queen's Gate Spiral Chaos Freetalks Translation Mai Shiranui (1 of 2)


Queen's Gate Spiral Chaos Freetalks Translation Mai Shiranui (2 of 2) ( kiss scene)

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