Maria Vance
Maria Vance 4

Maria Vance as she appears in Queen's Blade.

Master Swordswoman
Gender Female
Race Human
Occupation Queen's Blade participant, Mother
Likes Leina, Elina
Dislikes Aldra
Hobby Fighting
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Height 177cm (Approx 5'10")
Bust 92 (36)
Waist 55 (22)
Hip 88 (35)

Maria Vance is the mother of Leina and Elina, and was also a Queen's Blade participant. She participated in the previous Queen's Blade tournament but was killed.


She wears armor that carries a tiger motif, and her breastplate and Leina's are one and the same. Maria wore her hair long. She had blue eyes and blonde hair.


She is rebellious, and mainly does things on her own. She entered the Queen's Blade tournament to put an end to Aldra's reign, much to her husband's (Count Vance) dismay.


She is a highly-skilled swordsman, defeating many an opponent who fight from close range.


In the novels, her motto is "Strong-Beautiful-Gentle", that she tried to instill in Leina.

She only feared the current Queen Aldra, and Echidna was the one person she recognized as a "kindred-spirit" in her lifetime.

After Aldra became the Queen eight years ago and started a war to conquer the Vance's territory, Maria engaged in a duel with Aldra and won. But, despite her efforts, Maria's condition had deteriorated during the battle, and she only managed to stop Aldra momentarily, as she retreated her army to a territory outside of Maria's reach, ending the war.

Maria died shortly after that. By her will, the Great Wall Border was built.


  • Leina bears a nearly identical appearance to her.
  • She is voiced by Sanae Kobayashi.
  • The motif of Elina's outfit is similar to hers: Elina's outfit bears a cat motif, while Maria's bears a tiger motif, possibly to show her appreciation and respect of Maria.
  • Her motto "Strong-Beautiful-Gentle", is used as class types in the Queen's Blade: Spiral Chaos games.
  • She and Risty are nearly the same height.


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