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Mystery: An Escort's Journey of Disaster


Kanji' 奥義!差添いの逢魔が旅
Air date March 30, 2010
Opening Theme None
Ending Theme Bitōshi Carnival: Taoreru Toki wa Maemuki ni
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"Mystery: An Escort's Journey of Disaster" is the thirtieth episode, and last of the "Queen's Blade: Beautiful Fighters" OVA series, of the Queen's Blade anime.


In a dark palace somewhere in Hinomoto, a group of women sacrifice themselves to bring back an evil entity while several corrupt officials watch from nearby. Out on the sea, Tomoe and Aldra are sailing towards Hinomoto. While alone, Tomoe suddenly sees a vision of an evil lady reaching into her head. Soon afterwards the ship is rocked by an explosion and Tomoe and Aldra are confronted by a group of ninjas led by the twin brother of the ninja that Shizuka defeated. The subordinate ninja fuse together to form a giant octopus. As Tomoe fights the monster, she suddenly loses her strength, allowing the octopus to attack her. Aldra is able to blind the octopus, giving way for Tomoe to finish it off. The ship explodes, forcing the ninja leader to fly away while Tomoe and Aldra jump into the sea to escape. Tomoe and Aldra are eventually washed ashore and are spotted by an old lady. The old lady agrees to provide room and board for Tomoe and Aldra in exchange for "helping out at the shop", but it turns out the old lady ran a brothel, and Tomoe and Aldra make a quick exit after learning the fact. Tomoe and Aldra continue traveling towards the capital while asking around for Aldra's sister, but nobody has seen anyone who looks like Aldra before. Frustrated by the lack of progress, Aldra eventually throws a fit and runs off, and she is then captured by the ninjas. Tomoe arrives at the scene later only to find Aldra's tattered nun robes and a message telling her to go to the dark palace. Inside the palace, Aldra wakes up captured in front of the corrupt officials. The officials explain that they think the current emperor is weak and plans to use Aldra as a replacement, and to do that they have resurrected Delmore the fallen angel. Later, Tomoe arrives at the palace and is confronted by the ninja leader and then Aldra who is once again possessed by Delmore. Tomoe manages to fend off Aldra's eye attacks, and as a result the ninja leader is hit and is encased in stone. Delmore notes that Tomoe has been cursed bythe Swamp Witch and demands that Aldra finish Tomoe off. Aldra attempts to resist but Delmore proves to be more powerful. However, Shizuka's spirit appears to help Tomoe, and Shizuka distracts Delmore long enough for Tomoe to power a slash attack to separate Delmore from Aldra and banish Delmore. Later, Aldra walks among cherry trees, viewing the blossoms in bloom alongside Tomoe, who is now blind.


  • When Tomoe is cursed a small glimpse of The Swamp Witch's body, as Werbellia, can be seen.
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