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Catboy profile.png

WT Protagonist as illustrated by Shiwasu no Okina.

Gender Male
Race Cat
Hair Color Black and white
Eye Color Yellow

"Well, I am a cat, sooo."

He's the main character of the Queen's Blade: White Triangle video game, who ends up allying himself with the beautiful fighters to put an end to the Triangles' plans.


He wears a light gray cape, a brown belt from which his short sword is hanging, and matching brown boots. Being a cat, he has a coat of fur that is white on one side of his body, and black on the rest.

In his human form, he has brunette hair with some white and red streaks, wears black glasses, a shirt with vertical black and white stripes, his previous cape with a golden string tying it up, a small silver chest armor, a belt with a golden lion emblem, brown trousers and some kind of red ornament by his waist.

When he turned into a female form, she has similar appearance to his previous male form, with longer hair quite beyond her shoulders, with rounder glasses, her shirt is open at the midriff, her belt now has a golden dragon and she doesn't wear the brown trousers anymore.


Despite waking up drowning in a river with no memory of his past, his aloof, sassy attitude lets him become fast friends with his savior and self-proclaimed guide Familiar and the rest of the beautiful fighters.


He has the ability to use "Passion Drive" (a new kind of power unknown in the Continent, that the Triangles use as well and possibly originating from the Hell the latter are from) and grant it to the beautiful fighters through Familiar, by using special cards called "SorceRig Cards" which embody that power.


As revealed in the final chapter, his true name is Ose, Supreme Ruler of Hell and boss of the three members of Triangle. The witch summoned them to the Continent to try and obtain their "Passion Drive" power, but he fought her after telling the other three to leave. Unsuccessful even after using up all his power, he turned into a weak cat-like form and lost his memories, which is when he met Familiar.


  • He's one of the few characters in the series who uses "ore" (a strong male pronoun) when talking about himself.
  • Due to his amnesia, fans took to calling him "Catboy".
  • As of the December 3rd update, he's voiced by Yukari Tamura.


Official Artwork

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