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Gal Monster Puia.

Gender Female
Race Harpy
Occupation Gal Monster
Likes Takoyaki, grilled squid, fried noodles, die cutting, Smart Ball (pinball-like game)
Dislikes Grilled chicken, pet shops
Hobby Wandering around on festivals, nail filing
Hair Color Pink
Eye Color Teal
Height 172cm (Approx 5'8")
Bust 88 (35")
Waist 57 (22")
Hip 88 (35")

"Just a 'whoosh~', and I'm there!"

Puia is one of the three capturable Gal Monsters from the Queen's Blade: Spiral Chaos video game, who returns for the second game in the series.


Puia has multi-colored feathers in her hair, and has very extravagantly colored wings. She has round purple and red pasties covering over her breasts, and a yellow attachment under her breasts with a red and green cloth that goes in to it, appearing as some kind of bird's head with her breasts as bulging eyes and her thong and piece under her breasts making a beak with the cloth as a tongue. She also wears a yellow thong. On her forearms and calves are yellow gloves and boots, each with red talons.


Queen's Blade Spiral Chaos

A bird-woman from the spirit world. A sister of an "older sister" nature. She cuts through her enemies with her sharp talons. With an aggressive character, she spreads the wings she's proud of to intimidate foes. While she likes festivals, she only likes up-tempo songs. Able to talk in human speech, she's constantly speaking in a condescending attitude.

Queen's Gate Spiral Chaos

A winged beast with an elder sister nature and loved by everyone, her superiority's acknowledged by other winged beasts. Puia loves festivals, and loses her cool when a festival is held in the vicinity. She hates people who are indecisive and think things over. She pulverizes her opponents, attacking with her richly-colored feathers or viciously tears them to pieces with the talons she's proud of.


Puia, as a harpy, is very quick and agile, and is able to fly. Using her claws, she can slash her opponents in swift movements. As a last resort, she can spin around in midair, and send down clusters of energy (possibly her feathers encased in energy) from her wings to defeat an opponent.


  • She is voiced by Ayumi Fujimura.
  • Other monsters like her are the "High Harpy" Rio (with red feathers and orange hair) and the "Wild Harpy" Meis (with grey feathers and red hair).




Queen's Blade Spiral Chaos Freetalks Translation Puia (1 of 2)


Queen's Blade Spiral Chaos Freetalks Translation Puia (2 of 2)


Queen's Gate Spiral Chaos Freetalks Translation Puia (1 of 2)


Queen's Gate Spiral Chaos Freetalks Translation Puia (2 of 2) (+kiss scene)

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