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Pyrrha Alexandra
Pyura l.jpg

Pyrrha Alexandra as illustrated by Refeia.

She Who Fights Destiny
Kanji ピュラ・アレクサンドル
Rōmaji Pyura Arekusandora
Series Soulcalibur
Gender Female
Race Human (Malfested as Pyrrha Omega)
Occupation Knight
Likes Patroklos
Dislikes Conflict
Hobby Looking for her brother
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Height 165cm (Approx 5'5")
Bust 82 (32)
Waist 56 (22)
Hip 85 (33)

Pyrrha Alexandra is one of the main characters of the Soul Calibur fighting game series by Namco and made her debut in Soul Calibur V as one of the main protagonists.


She wears a brown corset-like top, with blue strings and a bow, and long white sleeves with cuffs. She also wears a short white cape with light brown outlines. She wears a pleated white skirt, long brown stockings with cuffs, and short white boots. A blue hairpin also rests on her hair.


Unlike her other family members, Pyrrha is a more meek individual easily vulnerable to deception. Due to Tira's influence, Pyrrha has been forced to constantly defend herself and inadvertently kill those who make attempts on her life, causing her to be incredibly guilt-ridden and apologetic. She takes after her mother with this trait, and like her mother, Sophitia, she apologizes to the opponent when she hurts them.


Despite her pacifist nature, Pyrrha is more than capable of defending herself and even killing if need be. She uses a derivative of her mother's fighting style but due to improper training and her overall refusal to fight, her motions are somewhat clumsy. A stark contrast to every other fighter in the series, Pyrrha is seemingly unprepared and far from willing to fight as seen in her fighting stance, attacks, as well as her throws. However, when controlled by Soul Edge, she becomes the complete opposite in personality and capability. She fights far more aggressive and now actually intends to kill her opponent.


  • The name "pyrrha" in Greek means fire.


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