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Full cast of Queen's Blade first two seasons.

Queen's Blade is a TV anime series based on the visual combat books by Hobby Japan.

It was produced by ARMS and the anime is directed and composed by Kinji Yoshimoto, produced by Hiromasa Minami, Hirotaka Yoshida, Kazuaki Morijiri, Masaaki Yokota and Shinsaku Tanaka, characters by Rin Sin, and music by Masaru Yokoyama. The episodes' plot covers the events leading up to the Queen's Blade tournament–a competition of strength and beauty held every four years to decide who will be the next Queen, and the story centers around Leina Vance, heiress to the count, traveling to Gainos to compete in the Queen's Blade tournament.


In the Continent, a tournament called the Queen's Blade is held once every four years to determine the most beautiful and powerful Queen. Held in Gainos, the Queen's Capital, various fighters from all over the Continent travel to the Capital to defeat Aldra, the current Queen. The overall story of Queen's Blade focuses on Leina, the heiress of the esteemed Vance Family and next in line for the throne, as she travels to Gainos, encountering many other warriors also competing in the Queen's Blade for their own intentions.



Anime Seasons

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  1. Queen's Blade: Wandering Warrior
  2. Queen's Blade: Inheritor of the Throne
  3. Queen's Blade: Rebellion
  4. Queen's Blade: Vanquished Queens (Series)
  5. Queen's Blade: Grimoire
  6. Queen's Blade Unlimited


Novels & Visual Books

Queen's Blade Bitoshi series:

  1. Bitoshi Retsuden: Picture Scroll of the Musha-Miko
  2. Bitoshi Retsuden: Tome of the Ancient Princess
  3. Bitoshi Retsuden: Adventure of the Vagrant Warrior
  4. Bitoshi Senki
  5. Bitoshi Senki: Upheaval
  6. Bitoshi Senki: Showdown

Queen's Blade: Vanquished Queens series:

  1. Vanquished Queens
  2. Vanquished Queens 2
  3. Vanquished Queens 3
  4. Vanquished Queens: Original Picture & Comic

Queen's Blade: Sword of the Unicorn series:

  1. Sword of the Unicorn
  2. Return of Amara
  3. Message of Cattleya
  4. Curse of the Devil Ring
  5. Knight of the Unicorn

Queen's Gate series:

  1. The Gate Opener
  2. The Time Traveler
  3. The Gate Protector

Queen's Blade White Triangle series:

  1. Queen's Blade White Triangle Art Book



Spiral Chaos series:

Computer games:







  • The Queen's Blade anime is one of the only media to show bare breasts without censoring (though the original televised airings had censoring added on some channels). All other media, such as the game books or manga, stop short of showing the girls in such a degree of undress.
  • While the major elements of the plot are the same, the anime takes a number of liberties with the progression of the story compared to the manga and illustrated novels.
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