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Queen's Blade Battle is a Queen's Blade fan-made game made by, Leecherboy. Queen's Blade Battle is an application to play with the Queen's Blade, Queen's Gate, Rebellion, Grimoire, Marvel Battlebooks, Warhammer Warriors, Dino Fight, Battletech, Lost Worlds and other books in many game modes.

The latest version of Queen's Blade Battle (v48.4) can be downloaded here.

*Disclaimer: in order to play, you need the "Media" and/or "Extra chars" files, the "Media" ones may not be recommended for younger players

How to play

To play QB Battle, you select one game mode (for simplicity's sake, "Versus Battle", a 1 on 1 game against another player), and both of you select your characters.

Then, both of you see the opponent's character in your side of the screen (you're supposed to see your opponent at all times; when playing in real life, you and your opponent swap your books for that purpose), and then each of you select a maneuver (by bringing up the maneuver list).

Those maneuvers have a number attached to them, that represents the even page number both you and the other player must consider to determine the outcome of the attack (when playing in real life, you search for the matrix in the even pages; in QB Battle, it's all automatic), and then each of you arrive to a new odd page that shows the outcome of those attacks.

If your opponent's character arrives at a score page, you damage your opponent if the sum if the score damage plus your selected maneuver's damage is greater than zero. The attack's outcomes also come with a set of restrictions both of you must take into account when selecting the next move (plus an extra set of restrictions if you do critical damage), and the battle continues like this until either your Body Points or your opponent's are equal or lower than 0.

It may look a little complicated at first (and I guess it is, if you play with the actual books), but since the app automatizes most of it, you'll probably get the hang of it real quick.



-54 Queen's Blade characters + 60 Lost Worlds characters + 18 Marvel Battlebookcharacters + 6 Warhammer Warriors characters + 2 Dino Fight characters + 3Battletech characters + 76 fanmade characters (for a complete list, see the "Characters" section)


  • tracks from the Queen's Blade anime (3 selectable for battle), and 3 battle sounds depending on the attack's outcome
  • 4 selectable difficulties: Random, Defensive (favors low-hitting maneuvers like dodges), Offensive (favors hard-hitting maneuvers) and Balanced (a mix of Offensive when high on BP and Defensive when low on BP, also takes into account available weapons, special properties of moves and temporary extra scores or lowered scores from broken weapons)
  • 4 selectable CPU Speeds, that affect greatly the length of CPU vs CPU battles
  • 3 selectable Text Speeds, to control the scrolling text in the introductions and endings
  • Pause option, to stop the CPU's movements momentarily (useful in Watch Mode)
  • Profiles for every character when choosing them in 1P-only modes (like Arcade and Tournament Mode)
  • 2p colors when the same character is being highlighted by the two players
  • For the characters that are usually asked if they want to change weapons, there are "styles", or choices you can pick to auto-answer those questions
  • Quick Select option to attack as soon as you click on the move you want to use
  • Blind Select option to hide the attack number you and your opponent choose
  • Resize the screen to fit your screen resolution, with the pictures being enlarged accordingly (minimum size is 1000 x 700 pixels, can be edited manually in the CFG file)
  • Hover over the names of your character's attacks to see a description of their effect, or if you notice a slowdown, turn off the "Show descriptions" option in the Help menu
  • After each battle you fight, the configuration (music, cpu speed, styles, screen size) you're using is saved in a CFG file
  • Improve your character's attack by earning XP in various modes and spending your BP's worth of experience to get a +1 damage bonus in any attack of your choice, improve all the attacks of one color to earn an extra +1 BP
  • Change the files in the "config" folder to add or edit tags or teams, so that when you're playing the tournament modes, your tag or team gets the name you want to give them. You can also change each screen's BGM


Arcade Mode

Eight 1P vs CPU battles with characters of the same series, with your character's background story for an "ending" (in some cases, characters have this as an introduction, and their proper ending when you complete the game successfully). You can earn XP and you can continue if an opponent defeats you, though you can't continue if you die.

Free Battle

1P vs CPU battle, you win XP and may improve your attacks if you defeat the enemy, you lose all your XP if your BP reaches -5

Versus Mode

1P vs 2P battle, no XP or improvements are used.

Tournament Mode

1P and 15 random selected opponents vs a final boss, Aldra or Shigi. You use your improved attacks, but you don't get XP when you defeat enemies, nor you lose all XP if you're killed.


Challenge Mode

Fight vs CPU opponents that each have more XP than the previous round, if you lose and don't continue you'll still fight that round the next time (not against the same opponent), if you die in any game mode you'll lose all progress in this one as well.

Watch Mode

A CPU vs CPU match.

True Versus

1P vs 2P battle where XP can be gained (or lost, if you die), and as usual, you can use your upgraded moves and BP.

Team Battle Mode

A 3 vs 3 match, consisting of separated 1 vs 1 rounds, whoever wins a round recovers 30% of their original max BP and may fight the next round. You can earn XP in this mode. (If you select 1p vs com)


Team Tournament

A tournament like in single play, but with 1 team controlled by 1P versus 7 other teams controlled by the CPU, fighting one boss team (randomly selected among 4 of them). Teams of fighters related in some way get predetermined team names (like "Vance Sisters" for Claudette, Elina and Leina, there are more than 50 teams like this, each girl being in at least 3 teams), and teams of unrelated fighters get generic names. (Like "3 Fighters")

Drake Tournament

A team tournament like the previous one, but where you fight random teams of opponents that might include LW characters (if available), and the final boss is a 3 vs 1 fight against the Cold Drake.

Tag Battle Mode

A 2 vs 2 battle, where after a defensive maneuver, you have the chance to switch between your characters, or to call the partner to use a Red, Blue or Black maneuver this turn (the pages where these "tag out" and "tag attack" choices are available differ between characters). In the cases where a forced switch occurs (the turn after a tag attack, or when one of the characters is K.O.'d), a pausable pop-up appears for a while to let you see the previous attacks' outcome. The characters that don't have (P) and (P*) restrictions in their books get the "standard": tag out available after jumping back or when behind opponent, tag attack available after dodging or ducking. Also, when switching, the partner appears at the same page the other character was, but even if they appear at a score page or a page that asks them to disarm or lose or gain BP, that doesn't mean they were scored upon as well, nor are they affected by that restriction.

Tag Tournament

A tournament like in single play, but with 1 pair controlled by 1P versus 15 other pairs controlled by the CPU, fighting one of two boss pairs. Tags of fighters related in some way get predetermined team names (like "Lovely Maids" for Airi and Iroha), and tags of unrelated fighters get generic names. (Like "Fated 2")

Multiplayer Battle

A fight where one character fights 2 or 3 opponents at the same time, and each "simultaneous battle" is depicted in a different "field", with a button to change between those (for example, if it's Leina vs Melona and Airi, the first "field" will depict Leina vs Melona, and the second one, Leina vs Airi). The Multiplayer Battle mode isn't 100% complete yet.

Training Mode

A 1p vs Com single battle, where you don't earn XP if you win, you don't lose all your XP if you die, and where the characters' upgrades aren't used.

Online Match

A 1p vs 2p battle with both players in different computers, connected through the same LAN, through the Internet or also through "servers". If using ports, you can use whichever port you want to connect, but your opponent's listen port must be the same as your send port, or else it won't work. If using servers, there's no need to configure anything in particular.

In the online matches, you only control the 1p side of the screen, and since there's "blind select", you can't know the character or the move the opponent has selected until you select your own.


If you die and lose all your XP, you can enter your name on the ranking if your XP was high enough, only in single player modes.

Data Mode

If you've gained experience points from battles, this mode will let you view your stats and use your points to keep on improving your characters.

Story Mode

Follow each character's own story through 5 battles (plus an extra one as an alternate ending, depending on what you choose after the 4th one). You can save and load your progress, and you gain XP and may improve your character after the battles (being killed erases all XP progress as always), though you're forced to play in "Balanced" difficulty in this mode.


After a battle is over, you can save the previous battle in one of the 10 slots that are saved into files from the "replays" folder, so that you can watch it whenever you want.

Tutorial Mode

Learn the standard moves of each character, and what each of them is useful against, in these basic 30 trials. After those, you can try 230 advanced ones for all the QB cast, delving in their individual styles.

Online Replays

At any time, you can open a new screen to see information on the QBB matches played in the online mode through servers, and search and watch them at your leisure.


Queen's Blade

Queen's Gate

Queen's Blade: Rebellion

Queen's Blade: Grimoire

Marvel Battlebooks

Warhammer Warriors

Dino Fight


Lost Worlds

NOTE: Unofficial/Fan-made characters are not shown because there's no need to add them, such as those not licensed by anything.



Sample videos


Queen's Blade Battle Leina vs Aldra


Queen's Blade Battle Tag Match-1


Queen's Blade Battle Rebellion Teams


Queen's Blade Battle Marvel Attack

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