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Siam 2.jpg

Siam as Illustrated by Suzume Inui.

One-Eyed Siam
Gender Female
Race Human
Occupation Apprentice fighter
Likes Her mother
Hair Color Blue
Eye Color Blue
Height Unknown
Bust Unknown
Waist Unknown
Hip Unknown

Siam is the main character of Queen's Blade: Another Story, a short series of stories. Her mother was a beautiful fighter whose right arm became cursed after she participated in a dangerous match to collect money to raise her, so Siam decided to become a beautiful fighter from scratch and participate in Queen's Blade to find a way to lift her mother's curse.


She wears a green dress, with metallic protections on her shoulders and thighs, and an eye-patch over her left eye.


Siam admires everything about her mother, but can't stand looking at her cursed arm, which made her go on an adventure to cure her mother, out of appreciation for her. She's easily frightened, but is courageous enough to stand up before strong foes like Melona or Elina's tiger, Timorf. When she met Nyx and angered her by mentioning her mother, she ended up apologizing and thanking her, despite her loss.


She's a complete novice with no real weapon training (she used to be afraid of them), but she might have some hidden potential, inherited from her mother.


  • Queen's Blade: Another Story seemed scheduled to go on for longer (chapter 6 was supposed to have Siam meet Cattleya), but was apparently cancelled and hasn't been mentioned since.
  • Though she's called "One-Eyed Siam," both her eyes work fine, the eye-patch is just an item a weapon seller gave her to overcome her fear of weapons.
  • Siam appears in the ninth episode of the Queen's Blade anime, Sincerity: The Weaponsmith and the Steel Princess, being defeated by Ymir in the opening scene. She does not speak, but does grunt and yelp; her voice actress is uncredited.


Official Artwork


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