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Welcome all Queen's Blade fans! (Yes you too, guys who think the series is a joke :P)

As one of the Adminstrators, Let me know if you see any problems or things ( that you can't fix yourself) and enjoy the wiki! If you have any questions about the series, feel free to ask me and i will answer them as best as i can or at least find someone/thing who can answer it.

On a side note: I do not take credit for mostly anything i upload, so don't come screaming "THATS MINE!" because i'm not claiming it to be mine, just using it as a source of information.


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My Favorite Characters

When I first arrived to this wiki, there was hardly anything here, and many pages were unorganized, and many only had a photo on the page, nothing else. I took it upon myself as a Queen's Blade fan to work tirelessly to ensure this wiki meets quality standards, and also to serve as the most reliable database for the Queen's Blade franchise.

Also, if you made this far, you're great! Have an internet cookie of whatever flavor you desire!