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Alzrius Alzrius 6 September 2014

Beauty and Blades: A Thought Experiment

Queen's Blade - a tournament whereby the strongest and most beautiful fighters compete to become the next Queen.

The above sentence is often spoken in the Queen's Blade anime as a basic summary of what the series is about. However, those who watch the series will be aware that this signature phrase is slightly inaccurate. There is no contest nor competition with regards to the beauty of those competing for the throne. Indeed, the beauty of whomever happens to become the next Queen is, insofar as the tournament progression is concerned, completely incidental.

While the tournament proper doesn't concern itself with the beauty of its contestants, its interesting to consider what changes would need to be made if it did. That is, what would the Q…

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Alzrius Alzrius 2 July 2014

Hobby Japan loses license to translate Dungeons & Dragons into Japanese

This isn't really Queen's Blade related, but since it deals with Hobby Japan I felt like posting it here.

Hobby Japan has just announced that Wizards of the Coast (a subsidiary of hasbro) has declined to license Hobby Japan to translate the new edition of Dungeons & Dragons - called D&D Next (or D&D Fifth Edition) - into Japanese.

Even more surprisingly, this was apparently done not because WotC is going with a different translation company, but because they've elected not to license any companies to make foreign translations of the new D&D game...in any language.

An English-language version of the linked announcement reads as follows (thanks to Iosue on EN World for the translation):


Thank you very much for…

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Alzrius Alzrius 7 October 2013

Vanquished Canonity

It's taken a given in Queen's Blade fandom that the events of the Vanquished Queens books are "non-canon" - indeed, it even expressly states this over on this wiki's page for the book.

What's not stated is why this is the case, let alone if it's necessarily correct. Indeed, given that Queen's Blade is a series with multiple continuities to begin with, what does it mean for something to be "non-canon" in the first place?

Our intention here is to more closely examine the nature of canonity, as it applies to Queen's Blade, and then analyze the instances depicted in Vanquished Queens and see if they run afoul of it.

  • 1 Canon Overview
    • 1.1 Queen's Canon
    • 1.2 Methodology
  • 2 Spoiler Disclaimer
  • 3 Vanquished Queens
    • 3.1 Tomoe
    • 3.2 Irma
    • 3.3 Nowa
    • 3.4 Leina
    • 3.5 Menace
    • 3.6 Nanael
    • 3.…

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Alzrius Alzrius 6 September 2013

Queen's Blade Bust Chart

The women of Queen's Blade are strong, powerful characters who have their own unique personalities, goals, and drives... all of which sit very awkwardly next to the fact that they're also unabashed sex objects.

This is a disparity that I've spoken about previously, so I need not go into it again here. Instead, we're going to rank the ladies of the original Queen's Blade series - and its sequel, Queen's Blade: Rebellion - on one of their primary methods of sexual objectification: breast size.

The following chart is listed in order from most to least bustiest among the girls. Each has the character's name, followed by their breast size in centimeters (with the size in inches following in parenthesis). Note that the size in inches is rounded to…

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Alzrius Alzrius 21 November 2012

Sex and Sensibility

A young girl, born into a life of pampered nobility, yearns for something more. Abandoning her privileged lifestyle to become an adventurer, she must overcome numerous obstacles, including her domineering sisters, to find the strength within herself that will let her change not only her own fate, but that of a nation.

The above summary is remarkable for how feminist and empowering it sounds, isn't it? In fact, but for a few changes, this could very well be the tagline for something like Disney's recent movie, Brave.

Now compare that with the picture on the right.

There's little defending the image as anything besides male masturbatory fodder. Even leaving aside the unrealistic (though admittedly not impossible) body proportions, the armor alon…

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