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Leecherboy Leecherboy 26 March 2017

Looking for old sketches video?

Well, this is kind of a weird request, but hm...

From what my partner tells me, apparently at one point there was this video that displayed really early drafts of a few QB girls, like the accompanying pics show. (From the pics' filename, it appears to have been shared around 2008?)

Does anyone here know anything about the video in question?

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Leecherboy Leecherboy 23 April 2015

Grimoire Anime Cometh!

This month's HJ Magazine confirmed what we've been expecting for a while!

The text says something like this:

"クイーンズブレイド刊行10周年を記念し、"クイーンズブレイド グリムワル" のアニメ化が決!! 作品はOVA全2巻形式で、今秋以降発売の対戦型ビジュアルブックに同梱し連続リリース予定とのこと。 さらによしもときんじ&りんしんをはじめ、QB第1期アニメスタッフが再結集. 過去シリーズの美闘士たちもゲスト登場!新世代美闘士たちの華麗なる活躍を見すな!!"

Which would translate to something similar to:

"To commemorate QB's 10 anniversary, QBG's anime was greenlit! It'll be comprised of two volumes, bundled after the next gaming visual book to be released this fall. Not only we'll have Yoshimoto Kinji & Rin Shin, but also the anime staff of QB's first season. A beautiful fighter from the past series will make a guest appearance! Don't miss the debut of the next generation of beautiful fighters!!"

The wording is a bi…

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Leecherboy Leecherboy 23 January 2015

HJ's Bikini Warriors

Hm, technically this wouldn't be related much to QB, but I guess any Oda Non is a good Oda Non...

The thing is, apparently the newest HJ magazine just announced a new series here by HJ, with art by Oda Non and Saitom among others and featuring a regular release schedule, that would start just as "Fantasy Figures" (like 7 Sins, then?) and could develop into comics, games, anime and other media (like 7 Sins wished, then?). I think you can only see that last bit if you check the site's source code (ooh hacking~~)

You can check more as it develops in the aforementioned site they just opened:


...I just hope they ain't poaching artists from us, Oda Non needs to get his Grimoire STAT!

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Leecherboy Leecherboy 12 December 2014

Seiten previeeeew~!

So, HJ just noticed they're releasing Seiten in a couple weeks, and found it in themselves to give us her preview ! ...Though well, in their defense they do start the post saying "sorry for making everyone wait so much". Anyways, here's more info on the new gal!

They begin by saying that she's Grimoire's first "villain" indeed, the essential element for a fairy tale... though rather than an evil presence, she's more of a greedy, loyal nuisance.

As we knew, she comes with her "partner in crime"/"bad influence" Hakkai, and her subordinate Genjou, who came to punish her but now follows her as a zombie. Both are chars that will fight along her.

Her favorite weapon is the Power Pole ("Nyoibo"), but besides that and attacking with her comrades, she…

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Leecherboy Leecherboy 1 September 2014

Vanquished Queens 3 stories

The titles for VQ3's stories were just revealed , so here's what they should sound like. As usual, they use mostly nouns, with only a very few verbs in there, for whatever reason:

-Tomoe: Worst Luck, Invasion of the Lewd Snake

-Alleyne: Ghost Garden, Dripping Nectar

-Melona: Stolen Freedom, Queen's Evil Eye

-Aldra: Minions' Mutiny, New Wife's Penitence

-Yuit & Vante: Proclamation of Defeat, The Cost of Vante

-Mirim: Dancing Clash, Dancer's Onslaught

-Tarnyang & Sainyang: Captured Sisters, Dawn of Slavery

-Eilin: Blunder at Business, Pirate's Aesthetics

-Liliana: Reviving Betrayal, Despair Anew

-Izumi: Life Like Doll, Kappa's Item Description

-Sigui: Heretic Party, Holy Pose of Humiliation

-Annelotte: End of Rebellion, Defeat of the Princess Knight


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