Thanks to the inestimable help of a certain, reliable anon, we may be a little bit closer to unravelling one of the mysteries from the QB anime, that is, what's the alphabet used. As we knew, while Rebellion's language is a rather easily decipherable Engrish, and Yuit's runes don't seem to match the commonly used runes, it was believed that the language in the first seasons of QB was just gibberish.

However, if you take a closer look at this pic, the 4 main lines actually stand for:
QB Alphabet

"Name: Leina Vance

Sex: Female

Hair Color: Fair

Eye Color: Blue Pupil"

It seems to go on saying

"300 gold coins hang to this person
However, capturing alive is a condition"

Followed by something that might be gibberish and or japanese (being that one of the words is "yuusha"...)

"Seidou no yuusha lemnear
Genwa?u no odori?o ?oha?u
Nao?ono Hatumei?a mebina"

By my count, that should stand for most of the alphabet, except for the letters D,G,J,K,Q,T,W and Z... So, what do you guys think? Is there any more info we can gleam from this?

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