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Magister Xa Magister Xa 12 December 2016

Admin Feedback

This is a blog made to help bring up any issues or problems that you may find on the wiki, or to discuss potential changes or things that may help make the wiki better.

Also, any of the new(as of now) features, (the series navigation box, Character and Episode Guide, and background), feel free to tell me what you think about those as well.

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Magister Xa Magister Xa 28 October 2016

Image Guidelines.

This is an image guideline regarding screenshots or other visual media outside of the Combat Books that the characters have.

In order to add or keep your images on character galleries, they must adhere to this guideline.

An Informative image is one that depicts certain scenes(which may or may not contain nudity) including but not limited to:

  •  Fight scenes from the anime.
  • Events from the anime that help show an aspect of character that would be difficult to textually apply (Ex: Aldra's transformation, Holy/Unholy/Evil Poses, etc.)
  • Screenshots helping to show minor characters interacting with major characters(which should be added to the minor characters page, where applicable.)
  • Screenshots helping to show major events from the anime.

A Non-Informativ…

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Magister Xa Magister Xa 11 July 2016

Spoilers for Rebellion are now allowed!

It's been a long while, and no word or anything of a continuation of the conclusion(anime-wise), so I see no point in keeping the spoilers of Rebellion off this wikia. Might as well have them and all other information as this is the only place people still come to the most out of other sites.

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Magister Xa Magister Xa 9 October 2015

Seiten Figurine

Gaining quite the popularity, and for those who haven't seen, check out Seiten's figurine from MegaHouse here.

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Magister Xa Magister Xa 28 January 2015

NR's Edits - Seiten

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