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This is an image guideline regarding screenshots or other visual media outside of the Combat Books that the characters have.

In order to add or keep your images on character galleries, they must adhere to this guideline.

Informative Vs. Non-Informative

An Informative image is one that depicts certain scenes(which may or may not contain nudity) including but not limited to:

  •  Fight scenes from the anime.
  • Events from the anime that help show an aspect of character that would be difficult to textually apply (Ex: Aldra's transformation, Holy/Unholy/Evil Poses, etc.)
  • Screenshots helping to show minor characters interacting with major characters(which should be added to the minor characters page, where applicable.)
  • Screenshots helping to show major events from the anime.

A Non-Informative image is one that has no true informative purpose, including but not limited to:

  • Images that focus on the character's bodies without any context:(Ex: Screenshots of character's breasts or otherwise without showing the entire character or providing a visual reason for it) 
  • Screenshots with characters not doing anything: Standing in one place, close up shots of faces or otherwise depicting anything that isn't showing any type of event or scene.

Additional Rules

  • Add a name to your images, do not leave them as random letters and numbers.
  • Do not add screenshots that are very similar to each other.
  • Do not add group images/screenshots to every individual character's gallery( If one character is featured prominently in an image, then you add it to that character's gallery. Minor character's screenshots take priority over major characters, so if a minor character is included, add it to their gallery)
  • Check if your image is already in a gallery before adding it.
  • When dealing with nudity or toplessness, it must be informative.
  • Fan art is NOT allowed in character galleries, but it can be added onto a user's individual page.(However, said user can not simply just flood their page with fan art just simply because it isn't allowed anywhere else. Preferably, users can add their own art, but fan art must remain on the users page, and must not be graphically explicit.)
  • When possible, try to get the highest quality image/screenshot possible(".PNG" is higher quality than ".JPG") and if you notice that it's already been added but yours is higher quality, feel free to replace it.

Informative image examples

Non-informative image examples