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WikiaRred WikiaRred 28 January 2016

Hobby Japan's Card Gamers vol. 26 comes with a collaboration card of Wixoss U~ikurosu and Queen's Blade Grimoire

Hey, guys. I'm here to tell you an exciting announcement related to Queen's Blade Grimoire

Sigui: It's about a ca--

Please, Sigui. Let me tell the readers about this announcement

Sigui: Fine..

The latest Hobby Japan's Card Gamers magazine (vol. 26) will be released in January 30.

Here's what the magazine looks like:

Just remember what it looks like if you're planning to buy one.

Sigui: *saves photo*

You're not buying one, Sigui..

Anyway, the card is only obtainable in the magazine, and here's how it looks like:

If it's possible, that they would make one for the older QB characters. I'll buy a Sigui one.

Sigui: Me too~


Well, that's all for now. If you want more information, click here .

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WikiaRred WikiaRred 20 January 2016

Lucky Charm???

I think I this is my lucky charm...

Sigui: *whispers* He's crazy...

I'm an active wikia editor on QB wikia a.k.a the only wikia that I edit (I share tips on Kantai Collection wikia, though. But I don't think that's actually "editing". It's more like "giving"). After days of being active and editing with Sigui (lol), I finally reached rank #14.

A great achievement for me, indeed. But this blog post isn't actually about my new achievement. It's actually about this new medal which I consider as my "luck charm".

See that medal? Is that my babe, Sigui's you-know-what-bounces??

Sigui: Have you been observing me lately?..

That's all for now (yeah, I think it's Sigui's)~

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WikiaRred WikiaRred 19 January 2016


This is by far, my best blog post~

Sigui: Yep~

I finally got my FIRST Queen's Blade visual combat book! And, of course, it's Sigui's!

Reaction: The book is in a great condition even though it was released in 2009. The art in real life is even more awesome than the scanned ones here on the wikia (no offense lol). And of course, Sigui, you are looking beautiful as always, babe~

Sigui: Thank you, druid~

I ordered this on Amazon Japan. Queen's Blade official website directed me to Amazon Jp to purchase this. I'm buying another two illustration books, which are Vanquised Queens 2 (Limited Edition) and... I'm not sure if this is the correct title, but according to the translator. The title is Queen's Blade Rebellion Yoshitoshi Senki Kessen Hen (Normal …

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WikiaRred WikiaRred 15 January 2016

Queen's Blade Grimoire Store Benefits

Thank you for checking this blog post~

Sigui: It's about the store benefits~

This blog post is about the introduction of the store benefits. This upcoming January 29, Queen's Blade Grimoire OVA will be released as a limited edition bundled Blu-ray.

Ordering one gives you a store benefit.

Sigui: Awesome posters~

Here are the store benefit posters that you can get:

Here's another store benefit. A 2016 Calendar (thanks to Leecherboy for sharing):

That's all~

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WikiaRred WikiaRred 14 January 2016

Rank 18!!!

Wow, you're actually reading my FIRST blog entry!

Sigui: Pardon him, visitor. He doesn't have friends..

Welcome to my FIRST blog entry~

Queen's Blade wikia is my favorite wikia on the internet. I started out in January 10, 2016. Making QB wikia the best QB database on the internet is my goal. Ever since I joined this wikia, I keep thinking about QB almost all the time. It's not that I am just addicted, but also I am actually having fun editing this wikia. I have joined a wikia before QB wikia, to be honest. It's Kantai Collection/KanColle wikia. I did nothing important there but to comment on an article and chat with random people. I never actually experienced "fun" on editing wikias back then. What's actually making me active is my addicting…

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