Lucky Charm???

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I think I this is my lucky charm...

Sigui: *whispers* He's crazy...

I'm an active wikia editor on QB wikia a.k.a the only wikia that I edit (I share tips on Kantai Collection wikia, though. But I don't think that's actually "editing". It's more like "giving"). After days of being active and editing with Sigui (lol), I finally reached rank #14.


A great achievement for me, indeed. But this blog post isn't actually about my new achievement. It's actually about this new medal which I consider as my "luck charm".


See that medal? Is that my babe, Sigui's you-know-what-bounces??

Sigui: Have you been observing me lately?..

That's all for now (yeah, I think it's Sigui's)~

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